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InCAST '23 今年も開催が決定しました。

InCAST '23 今年も開催が決定しました。

2023年のInCAST はチェコを中心として開催されることが決まりました。それに際して開催の挨拶が届きました。

Welcome to the highly anticipated conference in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where the spotlight shines on artificial intelligence and the dawning of a new era. As we bid farewell to the classic era of human intelligence, we embark on a journey into the unknown, filled with uncertainty and boundless possibilities. This gathering aims to explore the uncharted territory of the future, where the speed and essence of this new world remain veiled in mystery. Join us as we dive into the depths of this rapidly evolving landscape where fear and expectation are intertwined and discover together the potential that lies ahead.

by Tomáš and Arek.




場所 : The lower Vítkovice Area and  GDM Contemporary

*InCAST '23は、ポーランド、チェコ、日本などを結ぶ活動メンバーで構成・運営されています。

*InCAST '23 is composed and managed by members who connect Poland, the Czech Republic, Japan, and other countries.



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